Festival Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to Dublin Plein Air Painting Festival and on behalf of the committee we sincerely wish that you will make this festival an annual pilgrimage in the future, make new friends, develop your skills as a painter and enjoy the outdoor painting experience in Ireland.

It’s worth noting that all the rules and guidelines outlined below are there to ensure your safety and most importantly your enjoyment.

Information Hub

An artist registration ‘Information Hub’ will be situated each day at the paint-out location. You will need to register at the information hub and get the canvases/paper or other supports you are using for the day officially stamped, before you start your days painting. You MUST register each day to be part of the festival day’s paint out. Not registering means you are not part of the Dublin Plein Air festival for that particular day and can not be included in any awards for that day.
There will also be hand-wipes and a trash-bag at the Information Hub for you to use
and a first-aid kit together with emergency numbers.
The stewards / volunteers are there to help with local knowledge.

Terms & Conditions / Rules & Guidelines

• By participating in the festival you the artist are agreeing to abide by all rules, decisions and instructions that are communicated to you by the organisers. Their decision in all matters is final.
• Artist participating in the festival must be over 18 years of age.
• All paintings must be painted on location without the use of photographic references, within the areas indicated to you when registering at the Information Hub each day.
• The organising committee reserve the right to accept or reject any artist’s registration application without explanation.
• All artists must wear ID lanyard badges provided while participating in ‘paint out’ days, workshops and the quick paint competition.
• Only supports/canvases/paper stamped by the festival will qualify for exhibition and be eligible for festival awards.
• At the paint out exhibition held each evening at the Information Hub, each artist may submit up to 3 works painted on the particular day. The artists are to display their painting/s unframed and on their own easels.
• Submissions for each day’s paint out exhibition are juried by the organisers and sponsors. Their decision in making these awards is final.
• Any participating artist can only be awarded a maximum of two awards throughout the festival.
• While participating in the festival you accept that the organisers and their agents can take photographs and video of you for the purposes of promoting the Dublin Plein Air Painting Festival in both print media and online through websites and social media.
• Participating artists allow the use of their contact details including email and phone numbers to be used for the purposes of communication regarding the Dublin Plein Air Painting Festival on all messaging applications. This information will not be made available to any other 3rd party.
• Artists must at all times be courteous and mannerly when dealing with fellow artists, the public and organising committee or persons acting on behalf of the committee.
• Artists are not permitted to bring pets to the festival.
• The organising committee have the right to expel any artist from the festival if they are deemed to have not adhered to the rules and guidelines of the Dublin plein air painting festival.

Health & Safety

• At all times while participating in the festival you are responsible for yourself, your equipment and to ensuring you do not present a hazard to the public.
• Before setting up, please take time to assess the potential hazards that your location may present.
• When working near water (eg. a harbour or river) artists must stay a minimum of 2 meters away from the water’s edge.
• Please ensure that you carry and site your equipment in a safe manner for yourself and others, do not block footpaths or exits; leave room for others to pass without stepping onto the road.
• Artists must keep the environment clean and bring all their waste away with them. Never litter.
• Alert a steward in the event of any accident and follow his/her instructions. A copy of the safety plan for the event is available to read at all Information Hubs throughout the festival.
• The organisers and sponsors bear no responsibility for loss or injury to persons or property arising from their participation in the Dublin Plein Air painting festival.

Weather Considerations

One of the greatest joys of painting plein air is being outdoors in the elements and capturing changing weather conditions in the landscape. However it requires preparation by artists to be suitably dressed and have the appropriate protection (e.g suncream or gloves).
You paint outdoors entirely at your own risk.

Rain or inclement weather
In the event of rain or inclement weather it is your decision and responsibility whether you continue painting. You may make your own ad hoc arrangements to work under shelter. Walls , trees , awnings and doorways can be useful but always get permission from the owner where appropriate before you begin. Likewise, if you wish to paint a pub or café interior, please check with the manager first. Finally, you may resort to painting from a parked car but that again is entirely at your own risk.


  • Artist Registrations are non refundable.
  • Workshops cancelled more than 30 days before event will incur a 10 euro retention fee.
  • Workshops cancelled less than 30 days before event will incur a 20 euro retention fee.
  • Quick Paint competition fee is non refundable, unless for unforeseen circumstances the event is cancelled.
  • All refunds due are issued after the festival week is over.

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